History of the Bakerman’s ABC’s

The need for a concise clinical guide to clinical laboratory tests was conceived in 1982. Paul Bakerman, then a third year medical student, noted that there was limited knowledge about the differential diagnosis of abnormal laboratory values, and that this information was not readily available on rounds. As the son of Seymour Bakerman, Chairman of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the same institution, these questions were frequently directed at Paul. Paul suggested to Seymour that he produce a pocket sized version of his class notes; the first edition of Bakerman’s ABC’s was published in 1983, and the second edition in 1984.

Following Seymour’s death in 1989, the third, fourth and now fifth editions have been revised by Paul Bakerman, MD, now a pediatric critical care physician at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and Paul Strausbauch, MD, PhD, a pathologist at East Carolina University.

Who Uses Bakerman’s ABC’s?

Bakerman’s ABC’s is used be a wide variety of medical professionals. The strength of this book is clinical interpretation of the data. Bakerman’s ABC’s is used by Residents, Medical Students, Practicing Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Lab Technicians, and others.

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